All good things come in threes!

Our headquarters are in Mönchengladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia; here, we produce and distribute a wide range of chilled juices.
But you can never have enough quality! Which is why the Valensina Group also has a production facility in Vechta, Lower Saxony, where our uncooled juices are produced, and another facility, Wolfra Bayerische Natursaft Kelterei GmbH in Erding, Upper Bavaria, where we focus on apple juices.

Our Mönchengladbach plant

This plant was founded in 1993 as “FSP Frischsaft Frische Produktionsgesellschaft” and has been part of Valensina since 2009. In April 2016, it was renamed Valensina GmbH and is now one of the leading suppliers of chilled juices in Europe.
Approx. 150 employees are currently employed here and up to 450,000 litres of juice are produced every day. Here, oranges are regularly freshly squeezed and processed into fresh juice.
At this plant, we have specialised in filling chilled juices into cardboard packaging, canisters and PET bottles using an ultra-clean filling system at an IFS 6 Higher Level.

Our Vechta plant

Vechta is our largest plant in the Group with over 200 million units p.a. and an operating area of ​​105,000 m². Here, we can produce a maximum of 1.2 million litres of juice per day.
In Vechta, we are specialised in uncooled juices, and here we can fill cardboard packaging (0.5-1.5 l), PET bottles and bag-in-box units using a cold aseptic filling system.
To ensure that such large quantities are handled smoothly, we have passed on the entire logistics of it to an experienced and competent service provider. On site, we have a storage capacity of approx. 15,000 storage spaces plus approx. 5,000 spaces at our external warehouses – this corresponds to approx. 12.6 million bottles.
At the Vechta plant, we also operate at an IFS 6 Higher Level.

Our plant Wolfra Kelterei Erding

Founded in 1930 in Wolfratshausen, our company property in Erding covers 45,000 m².
Around 70 people are currently employed here and work on the production of fruit juices, juice drinks, fruit syrups, fruit spirits and smoothies.
In Erding, we specialise in hot filling of reusable and disposable glass bottles and also operate at an IFS 6 Higher Level.

Valensina as an employer