We are here for our employees.

Life does not always run smoothly, and everyone can fall on hard times. We have struck up two important alliances to help any employees in trouble.

awo lifebalance by the German Workers’ Welfare Association

Quick and professional: our employee support system in collaboration with awo lifebalance


Creating a good work-life balance is not always easy. Sometimes, minor or major things can throw your world out of kilter, and then you need quick and professional help. To support our employees, we’re collaborating with awo lifebalance. As your employer, we bear the costs for any consultancy and placement services.


The awo lifebalance consultancy and placement service “Childcare” includes:

  • Helping you find a suitable nursery or a childminder
  • Putting you in contact with private childcare providers such as au pairs and nannies
  • Finding individual and approved holiday care offers


The awo lifebalance consultancy and placement service “Nursing” includes:

  • Offering advice on care and support for relatives who need help and / or support with
    • Care offers and services
    • Staying in your own home
    • Relief offers for day-to-day life
    • Entitlement to benefits and costs
    • Health care proxies and advance health care directives
  • Advice on nursing and care services
  • Short-term care in emergencies


For more information on awo lifebalance: www.awo-lifebalance.de

Our collaboration with the German Workers’ Samaritan Foundation

At all 3 locations, we offer discounted first-aid courses with the Workers’ Samaritan Foundation, giving our employees the opportunity to train for emergencies. This gives them confidence in dealing with accident victims in emergencies and reduces their fear they might do something wrong.
That is why we offer both a discounted basic first aid course and a discounted first aid course “for child emergencies” in cooperation with the ASB. We even offer the first aid course “for child emergencies” free of charge to any employee with a new-born at home.


For more information on the ASB: www.asb-niederrhein.de