Ms Bremer, HR Manager

Watches sleeping grizzlies and loves the smell of freshly squeezed oranges at work – but secretly, grapes are her favourite fruit.

Ms Bremer, can you remember Uncle Dittmeyer?

“Of course, I can! I used to see him on TV when I was a little girl. Which means I must be over 40 years old... Not what I wanted to reveal in the very first question!”


Okay, different question: how did you get a job at the Valensina Group?

“The classic way, via an employment ad. I actually applied for a different position, but during the interview, we realised I’d be a better fit for HR, and now I’m HR Manager.”


That sounds as if Valensina is quite a flexible company, right?

“Yes, and that’s exactly what I love about it: open doors for everyone, open communication and always a friendly ear for the employees.”


And what else do you like?

“The familiar feeling of a medium-sized company. You know everyone, take an interest in their highs and lows – and that creates great team spirit, also beyond departments and company locations. The management is always supportive, which is important, and I enjoy work. And I love that the smell of oranges wafts all the way into my office when we’re making fresh juice.”


Are oranges your favourite fruit?

“Well, not quite... grapes are my absolute favourite. They’re so tasty and convenient as a snack – no mess! I couldn’t really say which fruit would come second ;-)...”


What did you do before coming to the Valensina Group?

“I was born and raised in Mönchengladbach. After having studied law in Cologne, I did my legal clerkship in Düsseldorf – on the wrong side of the Rhine. After that, I went south, to Stuttgart, where I worked as a consultant for the protestant charitable organisation Diakonisches Werk. Then I moved to Duisburg, where I worked as a consultant at a hospital, then I went on to Mühlheim an der Ruhr, where I first worked as HR manager at a hospital and then as deputy HR manager of a group of approx. 3000 employees. And now I’m finally back home :).”


That sounds like plenty of action. Is your private life just as tumultuous?

“Well, I’ve got a family – that’s all I really need to say. I go paragliding – time and weather permitting – and I like to go riding when I’m on holiday. But I also enjoy going hiking with my family or curling up on the sofa with a good book. I have a soft spot for romance and fantasy, but science fiction and exciting crime novels are also great. What I read depends on my mood. And I’m obsessed with taking pictures. I’ve been known to wait a whole hour for the perfect photo of a grizzly bear at Yellowstone National Park – he was snoozing and took his time to wake up.”


And what advice can such a flexible, family-loving, paragliding HR Manager give to potential new Valensina Group employees and trainees?

You can look forward to great colleagues, a thorough introductory training and supervision, exciting projects – and, of course, to delicious juice!”

Mr Bach, Team Leader in the accounts payable department in Mönchengladbach

Is very sporty, has vacuum and lawnmower robots do the easier things and runs an insect hotel in his orchard

How did you get a job at the Valensina Group?

“The Valensina Group actually came to me: after my Abitur in 2004, I did community service in lieu of military service and after that, in 2006, I started training as an industrial management assistant at FSP Frischsaft Frische GmbH. I finished in 2009, and that’s the year the Valensina Group came to me, because Valensina absorbed FSP and moved their headquarters to Mönchengladbach.”


And now you’re working as...

“ Team Leader in the accounts payable area. Before that, I successfully completed a 3-year training course to become a state-certified business economist in addition to my job as an accounts receivable accountant. In 2013 I got the chance to work as a team leader in accounts receivable accounting, which I did until 2016 – until I got the chance to switch to the accounts payable area.”


Numbers are obviously your thing?

“Yes – and because I wanted to further my accounting skills, I started a part-time training course in management accounting at the chamber of commerce and industry in autumn 2016 – and I successfully completed it.”


Not bad! But do you have any time at all for things outside your job?

“Of course, I do. I go to the gym 3 times a week, play poker and I’m a keen amateur gardener.”


So, your job at the Valensina Group and your other interests are easily compatible?

“Yes, but only because I feel right at home at the Valensina Group: the friendly atmosphere among colleagues, fairness is really important, and the company does everything to give everyone the chance to advance. Everyone has good future prospects. You are not only encouraged to further your own development, but also actively supported with everything you need.”


Why is it a good idea to apply for a job at the Valensina Group?

“Because there is an atmosphere of trust here: you can openly address any problem with your superiors, and you’ll always receive the necessary support. There are a lot of nice, friendly colleagues here – which is really important. After all, you spend every day with them. Valensina is a well-known company with flat hierarchies and an approachable management.”


In one sentence?

“A juice company that has a lot to offer!”

Ms Ripke, Production Management Assistant in Vechta

Came to Valensina Group at full throttle

Ms Ripke, how did you end up at the Valensina Group?

“You could say I got here by car: I started my career as a trainee at a car dealership. I stayed there until I wanted a career change.”


And why Valensina Group?

“Back then, I discovered a job advertisement for a position in Purchasing at Valensina at the employment agency and was immediately interested. Luckily, I got the job. And after nine months, I transferred to Production Planning.”


Oranges are...

“...tasty, of course – but kiwi, banana and honeydew melon are my favourites.

But don’t tell anyone!”


Uncle Dittmeyer...

“...I only know him from old adverts. A real shame!”


What should people who want to work at the Valensina Group expect?

“A family company with tradition, great and flexible teams, highly complex tasks and openness to innovations.”


Can you describe the Valensina Group in one word or sentence?

“Of course: best employer ever!”

Mr Björn Vieten, Head of Purchasing / Research and Development / Business Development / Quality Management

Delivered free of charge to the Valensina Group

How did you end up at the Valensina Group?

“A supplier approached me in 2010. He said that Valensina was looking for a purchasing manager with experience in sourcing ingredients.”


And that was a good fit for you because …?

“... I’d already completed my training as an industrial management assistant and then as a state-certified business manager. And I’d made my start in the juice industry in 2004, at another company’s purchasing department.


And the Valensina Group suits you well because …?

“… apart from bananas, oranges are my favourite fruit. And because I found a special team spirit here. Being able to have fun while you work together to achieve your goals guarantees the best results.”


Who should apply to the Valensina Group?

“Any genuine team players who identify with the company and its products. And anyone who likes to take responsibility and proactively contribute their ideas.”


And what can they expect if their application is successful?

“Amazing colleagues who love their work and sometimes take novel approaches to achieve the company’s goals. On top of that, you have the opportunity to achieve your own goals, with the support of both colleagues and managers. Plus flat hierarchies, a family atmosphere – and of course lots of delicious juice!”


What does the Valensina Group mean to you?

“It’s a part of my life where I can have fun and feel I can contribute something.”